5 Ways To Cultivate a Positive Company Culture

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If your organization is like most others, a criminal background check is a standard part of your hiring process. In addition to helping you find people who contribute to your profitability and reduce your liability, effective employment screening can facilitate a positive and welcoming workplace culture.

A welcoming and inclusive company culture encourages productivity. It also contributes to job satisfaction and retention. In this article, we explain how you can use the screening process to promote a positive work environment while maintaining the highest standards in hiring.

1. Be Clear and Transparent About Screening Policies

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), 87% of employers conduct pre-employment criminal background checks, and some continue to screen employees yearly. If you ask prospective and current workers to submit to a criminal background check, you need to be clear and forthcoming about your screening policies.

Tell candidates what you’re screening for and what you’ll do with the information you find. You’ll build trust among staff if you maintain transparency about your screening policies. Also, let them know that your company values honesty, openness, and integrity, which can attract more engaged, productive employees.

2. Explain Why You Do Criminal Background Checks

A criminal background check may seem invasive to some job seekers. That’s why explaining your reasons for conducting them can put them more at ease. It can help them realize that you ask this of all candidates, assuring them that you’re not singling them out. Furthermore, a strong rationale can build their trust in your company because they’ll realize that you’re taking measures to protect life and property and boost their security.

3. Apply Criminal Background Check Policies Equally

You must apply your screening policies fairly and equally across all your prospective and current employees. Also, communicate that you do this to anyone you ask to submit to a criminal or consumer record check.

Everyone wants fair treatment, and offering assurance about your equitable screening and hiring practices might keep a promising applicant from taking a job with a competing company. The perception of fairness and equal treatment among your workforce also contributes to a positive work environment.

4. Fair Chance Hiring

Giving some people with criminal records a second chance at employment is not just a nice thing to do. In some states, it’s the law. It’s to your benefit to practice fair chance hiring, which gives people with arrest or convictions records an opportunity to seek gainful employment. Some areas have “ban the box” rules, which prohibit you from asking about criminal records until a certain point in the hiring process, often during a conditional offer of employment.

Practicing fair chance hiring and publicizing that you do so communicates your commitment to fairness and avoiding discrimination and bias in hiring. Promoting inclusion and giving people a second chance is good for workplace culture. It implies that you don’t believe in punishing people infinitely for past mistakes.

5. Up-to-Date Compliance

Federal and state laws keep hiring and screening practices fair and equitable. It’s up to you to ensure your company stays updated on these laws and the ever-changing regulations regarding marijuana and drug testing. A screening services provider can assist you with reviewing your screening policies and staying compliant.

Compliance with fair chance hiring and employment laws shows responsibility and goodwill toward current and aspiring employees. Establishing consistency in your compliance can decrease the likelihood of discrimination accusations and instead build trust among employees.

BIB Can Help

Conducting consistent and fair criminal background checks can contribute to a positive company culture. At BIB, we partner with organizations of all types to help them conduct background checks that build employee trust and bring peace of mind. You can retain productive staff and attract top talent by promoting a positive organizational culture.

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