How To Choose the Right Background Screening Provider for Your Growth Company

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As a growth company, you know who you hire matters. You probably also know that background screening is essential in the vetting process. It helps validate the candidate’s information and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

The problem for many growth companies is choosing the right background screening provider. With a long list of options, how do you know where to start?

This article leads you through criteria you can use to choose the right background screening company for your growth company.

Ease of Service

How easy is the service to use? Can you submit an order quickly and efficiently? Do you have to keep all the reports and employee tracking organized, or does the service do that for you?

BIB uses AEGIS, a centralized, mobile-friendly dashboard that allows you to conduct background screening, manage volunteers, or facilitate health screening all in one place. Candidates can start the application form and even submit payment through the system. Keep all of your records paperless to download and print anytime.

Selection of Reports

Not all background screening providers offer the same level of service or reports. Selecting a provider that meets your company and industry needs is essential. For example, a high-volume recruiting company needs fast and accurate background checks, with the flexibility to access different levels of information for different employers.

If all your business needs is a basic background check, many different providers may work for you. However, what about a school or non-profit that needs to screen volunteers?

What if you need to add drug testing, health screenings, or check motor vehicle records? How about if you want a thorough federal background check that includes employment and education verification? In those cases, only a specialized few providers can efficiently meet your needs.

As you browse different providers, look at each of the company’s packages and ensure they can give you everything you need.

Flexible Enough To Meet Your Company’s Needs

As a growth company, agility is important to you. You want a provider that can flex with your needs, offering custom packages or ongoing monitoring as options.

A key consideration is whether this provider can grow with you. Are they able to meet your organization’s background screening needs now and down the road?

Customer Care

When choosing your background screening company, consider whether you will be treated as a valued client or another number on a page. You want to know that your business is important to your provider, even if you aren't a huge corporation.

If you need technical support, guidance about which reports to order, or if an applicant is having trouble, you want a company that is available to help and invested in your success, now and in the future.

Select a Provider Who Can Provide Outstanding Service Now and Later

Background screening should be easy to use, accurate, and fast. Good background information on potential employees and volunteers is essential, but you don’t need to spend a lot of time getting it done.

BIB is utilized by growth companies, recruiting companies, non-profits, and school districts nationwide because we have the flexibility and expertise to deliver the information your business needs when you need it. Connect with us to find out how our selection of reports can support your company's ongoing growth.