Unlocking Accuracy in Background Checks: The Power of Bchex’s ID Scan Technology

, | May 10, 2024 | By

In the realm of background checks, precision is important. It's the difference between a seamless hiring process and a potential compliance nightmare. With over 80,000 scans completed in just the past 6 months, Bchex’s ID Scan technology has been at the forefront of this meticulous operation, revolutionizing the way organizations approach identity verification. 


The latest metrics speak volumes – with a staggering 79,947 scans in the last 6 months alone, Bchex's ID Scan has shown remarkable effectiveness. A pivotal aspect of this technology is its impact on the decision-making process post-scan. An impressive average of 93% of users did not feel the need to make changes after the scan, underscoring the technology's ability to capture data with unmatched accuracy. 


So, what sets Bchex's ID Scan apart in a sea of traditional background check methods? It's simple: the technology delivers a more comprehensive background check by using the information gleaned directly from ID scan data. This isn't just a cursory glance at an applicant's identification documents; it's a deep dive into verifying the full information required for an accurate background check. 


This breakthrough tech doesn't merely skim the surface. By capturing names, birth dates, and other critical information from driver’s licenses and other government issued IDs, Bchex's ID Scan ensures that the data forming the foundation of the background check is as accurate as possible. This level of detail fortifies the process against common errors that plague the industry, such as incorrect name variations or typographical errors. 


Organizations that employ Bchex's ID Scan technology are not just enhancing their background check processes; they're safeguarding their operations against inaccuracies that could have far-reaching consequences. This technology stands as a beacon of reliability in an industry where every detail matters, and the peace of mind it offers to both organizations and their applicants is invaluable. 


As Bchex continues to trailblaze with innovative solutions, ID Scan technology remains a cornerstone of its commitment to precision and excellence. With every scan, Bchex reaffirms its promise to deliver nothing less than the most accurate and comprehensive background checks on the market. 


For those ready to experience the next level of accuracy in background checks, it's time to explore what Bchex's ID Scan technology can do for you. Discover a world where data integrity and thorough vetting are the norms, not the exceptions. Welcome to the future of background checks, where Bchex's ID Scan technology is leading the charge.