Values-Driven Leadership: How To Lead With Purpose and Integrity

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Being values-driven means knowing your core values and aligning your actions with them, even when facing inconvenient or difficult decisions. Whether it’s to increase profits, serve marginalized communities, educate children, or care for people with illnesses, organizations that align their operations with core values show a commitment to integrity and a true sense of purpose. Moreover, they prioritize the greater good over monetary or short-term gains.

As your company carries out functions like employment screening, you can set compelling examples for staff and volunteers of what it means to act according to your company’s core values. Here are the values your organization’s leadership can communicate.

Clear Mission for Employees, Customers, and Stakeholders

Formulating a clear mission and ensuring all staff, customers, and the public know it is essential to building an organization with integrity. A clear mission informs decisions and makes setting measurable and attainable goals easier. Employees can also take pride in a coherent mission reflecting the company’s core values and encouraging them to take actions that align with them.

Customers and community members who understand your vision are more likely to trust and recommend you to others. Also, a clear mission statement can attract employees and volunteers who help maintain your safety and reduce your liability. They may also be more amenable to safety measures like employment screening.

Acting With Honesty

There are many ways your company can act with honesty without giving away proprietary or security-related information. The key is transparency, especially when it comes to your hiring process.

If you rely on employment screening, being open about the information you search, what you do with it, and why you conduct background checks can put job seekers at ease and encourage them to trust you more. Acting honestly also includes protecting applicants’ confidentiality and not sharing sensitive information with other parties.

Following Through on Commitments

If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Following through builds trust and inspires confidence in employees, customers, and community members that your organization serves. A significant part of follow-through is communicating progress on work you do in pursuit of a goal and informing key stakeholders of successes or problems along the way.

Following through is essential to the employment screening process. For instance, you must be as accurate as possible in explaining turnaround times for reporting the results of background checks and stick to those timeframes. If there is an unexpected delay, make it known immediately. Allowing candidates to log into applicant portals can help them get regular updates on their record checks.

Appreciating Diverse Perspectives

Valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) means recognizing the strengths, skills, and perspectives that benefit the organization. Companies promoting DEI tend to create welcoming environments and discourage intolerance toward staff, clients, or anyone the company interacts with.

Employment screening can be an effective practice that promotes diversity. When you conduct criminal background checks, you can catch patterns and red flags that signal criminally intolerant behavior, often toward staff or customers from marginalized groups. Background checks also allow for fair chance hiring, giving second chances at employment to people with arrest or conviction records, many of whom belong to cultural groups that are disproportionately represented among people with criminal records.

Goal Setting by Leadership

Goal setting ensures that actions correspond with the core values that the organization embraces and communicates to the public. Furthermore, values-driven leaders can encourage all organizational members to contribute to goal-setting, which builds a sense of ownership in the company’s mission.

BIB Can Help

Conducting fair and compliant employment screenings reflects a values-driven approach to running an organization. At BIB, we’ll work hard to support your background check process so that it aligns with your mission and values.

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