Why Giving Back Matters: How Corporate Social Responsibility Builds Employee Engagement

, | May 10, 2023 | By

It would be cynical and misguided to believe that job seekers only want you to hire them so they can earn a paycheck. While earning a wage is important, many jobseekers are also searching for meaningful jobs that give them a sense of purpose and help them make a difference.

A Porter Novelli study revealed that 93% of employees believe that companies need to lead with a purpose. Also, 88% of those surveyed said that businesses shouldn’t make money at the expense of the greater society.

That’s why organizations are embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR), a business concept that encourages organizations and their members to act in ways that benefit society, stakeholders, and the environment. Advancing CSR can also enhance employee engagement within your company.

CSR is also good for the bottom line. Businesses with higher levels of engagement see up to a 21% increase in profitability. Here are ways your organization can implement CSR and encourage employee engagement.

1. Holding Company-Sponsored Community Service Events

Sponsoring events that raise awareness and money for pro-social causes can enhance your company’s reputation and boost employee morale. These events can also help employees feel more connected to their communities. Here are a few CSR initiatives worth considering:

  • Running, walking, or cycling fundraisers for causes, with employees requesting pledges for monetary donations
  • Food drives where canned and non-perishable food items are collected and donated to local food pantries and charities
  • Environmental clean-ups where staff meet to pick up litter, plant trees, or engage in outdoor beautification
  • A day of construction work to build shelters or homes for people lacking adequate housing

2. Giving Employees Time To Volunteer

Some corporate programs allow workers to schedule time off — sometimes paid — to volunteer for their favorite charity or cause. This policy is becoming increasingly popular because it can enhance engagement and benefit employees and their organizations. Volunteer time off is most effective when employees can choose to participate freely.

3. Having Leadership Address Broader Social Issues

More corporate leaders are taking a stand to address broader social issues, from fighting climate change to battling bigotry. If there is a social cause you care about, you can use your company’s platform to address a social problem and advocate for positive change. Almost 70% of employees say they wouldn’t work for a company that doesn’t do so.

If you’re unsure how to approach your cause while navigating the social and political landscape, take a lesson from Satya Nedella, CEO of Microsoft. He has taken vocal stands on various broad issues like expanding education and narrowing the digital divide.

4. Organizing Employee Resource Groups

One of the best ways to recognize diversity and help employees of all backgrounds feel seen and heard is to facilitate employee resource groups (ERGs). ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups or forums based on shared interests or identities like military veteran status, LGBTQ+ individuals and allies, or people with disabilities.

These groups raise awareness of problematic issues inside and outside the organization through regular meetings, brainstorming sessions, and discussions. They can also generate ideas for addressing various social causes that resonate with employees, encouraging more engagement.

5. Hosting Outreach Efforts To Help Those in Need

Many companies leverage CSR to help community members in need. For example, some individuals struggle to find gainful employment because of arrests or convictions on their records.

In addition to speaking out about these issues or organizing charitable events, you can also embrace fair chance hiring, which gives formerly incarcerated individuals a second chance to find work. When you make fair chance hiring a part of your background check process, you increase opportunities for people from disadvantaged groups and allow otherwise qualified individuals to benefit your organization.

BIB Can Help

At BIB, we actively promote CSR and happily partner with businesses, schools, and nonprofits to help them advance important causes. We also understand how essential CSR can be to enhancing motivation and engagement among staff.

Call us at (704) 439-3900 or visit us at BIB.com today to learn about our various background check services. We can also work with you to incorporate CSR to boost employee engagement.