3 Reasons You Need To Be Doing Secure Background Checks for Your Company

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Many companies rely on thorough, secure background checks for employees and volunteers. If you don’t already, you might consider hiring a service provider to help you conduct accurate, fair, and comprehensive screenings. It’s more than gaining peace of mind; background checks help you protect your interests.

At BIB, we understand your commitment to keeping your workplace safe and reducing liability risk. Secure background checks should be part of your organization’s mission.

Why You Should Run Secure Background Checks

A secure background check includes accurate and thorough investigations and delivers results promptly. A trustworthy screening process includes searches of name and address histories, updated county court records, criminal databases, and sex offender registries. The best searches leave no unfortunate information gaps that could undermine your hiring decisions and compromise your safety.

You deserve to know who exactly you’re bringing on board. According to a 2022 StandOut CV survey, over half of the respondents reported lying on their resumes at least once. Conducting screenings for all new hires makes sense for three reasons.

1. To Uphold Consistent Screening Standards for All Hires

Secure background checks are crucial, especially with diverse staff members that include employees, contractors, temporary workers, and volunteers. The rules and requirements aren’t all the same, depending on the types of personnel you hire or recruit. Therefore, working with a service provider can maintain fairness and help you comply with the law.

Regardless of the nature of your organization’s work or services, a qualified service provider should be able to give you a complete picture of any applicant. BIB has experience partnering with organizations of all types — small and large businesses, schools, hospitals, daycare centers, local governmental agencies, and other nonprofits. We ensure you make sound hiring decisions based on solid data and sound verification methods.

2. To Protect Candidate Data

Safeguarding your work environment and the people involved are just some of the critical outcomes of secure background checks. Your screening process should also protect your applicants and their sensitive data, including social security numbers and other personally identifiable information.

Using outdated methods and paper forms can lead to misfiling or losing important documents, jeopardizing personal data. Working with BIB means utilizing the latest technology for enhanced security and recordkeeping. Our team uses background check technology that protects candidates’ information.

Our technology is also intuitive and user-friendly. Applicants can use the portal to set up and access their accounts. This makes it easy for them to submit information and check the status of their background searches.

3. To Get Value for Your Investment

You could save money and conduct your own background screenings. However, doing them without support and extra resources could leave you vulnerable to errors and information gaps.

Despite what you might think, secure background checks don’t have to consume your entire hiring budget. Instead of hunting for bargain services that offer the lowest rates, you can choose a background check service that provides optimal value for your money.

You should also know precisely what you’re paying for. BIB offers transparent pricing that lists the services included in each search package, along with each surcharge and fee. If you request specialized services like motor vehicle record searches or industry-specific monitoring, you’ll see what’s included and at what rates.

BIB Provides Quality, Secure Background Checks

At BIB, we offer secure background checks and other screening services to meet your organization’s needs. We’re in the business of helping you improve your hiring decisions and keeping your workplace safe. Call us at (704) 439-3900 or visit www.bib.com today to learn how we can partner with you.