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3 Ways You Can Maximize Your Resources When Screening Volunteers

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No one wants to be wasteful and this is true with background screens too. We’ve shared 3 ways to maximize resources and still receive a high quality background screen. So, while cost is certainly important, it shouldn’t be barrier to better screening.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your money:

  1. Find a package price that is inclusive.
    An $8 package for a “national” database screen may be enticing, however,  often the fees start adding up when county level searches are added. In fact, some vendors may charge as much as $8 PER county plus additional access fees! Suddenly, that $8 package has ballooned to nearly $40!With an inclusive package price per screen, there will be no surprises. You’ll have a clear idea of how to budget.

  2. Don’t pay for extras that should be free!
    Is your vendor trying to charge fees for online platforms? Or is there any extra fee for extending data entry to applicants? These types of functionalities are included at no cost by many providers. Consider finding another vendor if you are being charged for every new feature. You may save money and ensure a more complete screen as well.

  3. Remember, sign-up or annual fees are not standard.
    A reputable vendor won’t charge you fees just for being a customer. That’s not fair to you; it’s just profitable for them. Ultimately, your objective is to keep kids, coaches, volunteers and staff safe! And, background checks are integral tools to help you do this. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a lot of work for you. Partnering with the right provider gives you a clear path to not only survive but thrive.