Maximize Your Resources When Screening Volunteers

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No one wants to be wasteful and this is true with background screens too. Here are some ways to maximize resources and still receive a high quality background screen. So, while cost is certainly important, it shouldn’t be barrier to better screening.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your money:

  1. Find a package price that is inclusive.

    An $8 package for a “national” database screen may be enticing, however,  often the fees start adding up when county level searches are added. In fact, some vendors may charge as much as $8 PER county plus additional access fees! Suddenly, that $8 package has ballooned to nearly $40!With an inclusive package price per screen, there will be no surprises. You’ll have a clear idea of how to budget.

  2. Create a Screening Budget

    Work with a screening partner to create a background check budget for volunteers. Your partner should be transparent with costs and fees and help you develop a plan to keep you in budget and screening efficiently. They also might be able to work with you on bundling services and volume discounts to help reduce the costs.