4 Tips for Scaling Your Company for Growth

, | May 23, 2023 | By

The first few years of running a startup can be exciting but also a time of great uncertainty. Deciding who to hire, staying true to your mission, and managing your teams matter significantly in successfully scaling your business.

Careful planning is essential for ensuring your enterprise reaches its full potential, gains market share, and keeps up with demand. Efficient and strategic background screening can also play a role in scaling your company for growth. Here are four tips to help your organization grow and respond to customers’ needs.

1. Create and Continually Revise a Strategic Plan

All businesses need a strategic plan, a road map that helps them get where they’re going and grow with the changing times. A solid strategic plan outlines your organization’s mission and long-term goals. It also includes core values that drive operations, metrics for measuring performance, and resources needed to implement the plan.

You might consider how background screening practices support your strategic plan, which typically includes a description of staffing needs, risk assessments, and plans for developing talent. All these components require hiring people who will add value to your organization without compromising safety or putting your organization at odds with state and federal regulations. With clearly articulated staffing needs and hiring processes, it’s relatively easy to review your background screening policies to ensure they match your strategic plan.

2. Delegate Some Responsibilities

Delegation means assigning responsibilities to other members, so you can pursue tasks supporting your mission. If you started your company from the ground up, you likely did most of the work. As your business grew, staying on top of all the critical functions became more difficult. That’s why the best leaders know how to delegate.

Every task is essential to growing a business, but some can go to team members with the time and expertise to handle them. For example, suppose your company needs to hire a reputable background screening provider. In that case, someone else can take on that work, freeing you to focus more on expanding the business and developing your products or services.

3. Outsource Some Functions to Service Providers

You might not have the time, resources, or expertise to handle some tasks in-house. Instead, outsourcing a service to another company is often more cost-effective. Suppose you need to conduct background checks on employees who will work with children. It’s often advantageous to outsource this critical function to a screening service that has the technology and experience to conduct criminal record checks that are legally compliant and thorough. Outsourcing also helps mitigate risk, especially for functions that require compliance with industry standards and regulations.

4. Leverage Integrated Technology To Boost Efficiency

As your company continues to grow, you’ll need more complex systems to handle increasing information. This is especially true if you need to gather large amounts of data from prospective employees for screening or to keep personnel records for your expanding workforce.

Integrated technologies are platforms and software packages that allow you to perform many tasks, like records searches, data analyses, and report generation. Adopting integrated technologies — or partnering with companies that do — can help you streamline your work processes and make them more efficient. Integrated technologies can help scale your business for growth because they can be adapted to handle more and more information, functions, and users.

Choose a Background Screening Provider You Can Trust

As you continue to scale your growing business, you must assess and mitigate risk. Bringing in unsafe employees and volunteers could expose you to theft, lawsuits, fines for noncompliance, and other repercussions. Conducting background checks is essential to protecting people and property, and hiring a screening provider is a sound investment.

At BIB, we partner with many fledging businesses and startups. We understand how finding the right people can support your company’s mission and keep in on the path toward sustainability and growth. We know how to use innovative technology and large databases to help you improve your hiring process and keep you compliant with the law.

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