4 Ways a Volunteer Can Ruin Your Brand

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You might not be aware of it, but your organization and brand lends volunteer credibility. People will trust them because they are associated with you. That’s why it’s so important to do a background check on every volunteer who wants to work with your organization! Background checks ensure that you don’t end up working with someone who has a criminal record or has committed fraud in the past—and there are many more reasons why volunteer background checks can help preserve your brand’s reputation and integrity.

While finding and retaining volunteers takes more effort than ever, they can also tank your brand if you're not careful. So let's take a look at some warning signs and solutions to avoid having the wonderful world of volunteering become a nightmare for your brand:

1. They Are a Sex Offender

Sex offenders are a risk to the community and often not allowed in some public spaces at all, let alone as part of a charitable organization. If you have one volunteering for you, it could threaten the safety of your other volunteers or even members of the general public who come through your doors. You might also face legal consequences for knowingly allowing this to happen. So, make sure that you're running a background check, Sex Offender Registry check, and keeping an eye out for any warning signs!

2. They Have Committed Other Crimes

If someone has a criminal record, for example assault or fraud, it is possible that they will commit more crimes. This can be a serious issue for the organization and its reputation if it becomes public knowledge that they employed someone with a history of violence or dishonesty. As such, it is important to conduct proper background checks on potential volunteers before hiring them so as not only to avoid any potential harm, but also protect your own interests as an organization by ensuring that your brand isn't put at risk in an unnecessary manner.

3. They Have a Drug Problem

Drugs and alcohol are a problem in today’s society. If a volunteer is impaired while volunteering for you they put your brand and the safety and well-being of others at risk. It is important to screen for drug use during the on-boarding process, including asking about any past or present addictions. If your volunteer does not disclose this information during their interview, it may be necessary to conduct a drug test before allowing them access to your facility or events.

4. They Behave Poorly

Being respectful to members of your community is crucial for maintaining long-term relationships and creating a positive brand image in the eyes of the public. You want people on your team that you can trust to represent you well in all circumstance.

Your organization and brand lends volunteer credibility. People will trust them because they are associated with you. You don't want to trust people just because they are volunteers. Especially if they are working with children or vulnerable populations. You need to think about Child Abuse Prevention and Public Safety. That's why it's important to background check.