5 Ways ID Scanner Technology Supports Your Background Screening Process

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When conducting background checks, you need the right tools to quickly and accurately identify the people you’re screening. When it comes to collecting accurate data, detecting forgeries, and staying compliant, an ID scanner can prove valuable to your screening process.

Doing a background check for employment or screening a potential volunteer is much safer, faster, and more streamlined when you can access the latest ID scanning tools. Here are five ways ID scanner technology supports your background screening process.

1. More Accurate ID Verification

When a prospective employee or volunteer provides their ID, you want to be sure you can accurately verify it. Asking for a government-issued ID is helpful, but you need a reliable tool to scan it. Scanner technology is designed to collect verifiable data like names and aliases, birthdates, and addresses. The right scanner technology adds accuracy to ID verification, helping you determine whether the person is who they say they are and that their information is up-to-date.

2. Reduced Time for ID Review

To be human is to make the occasional mistake. If you resort to allowing applicants to manually enter their information, it’s only a matter of time before an error slows down a background check. If you’re lucky enough to discover the mistake in time, you still might have to redo the background search, delaying a critical hiring decision and costing you money.

ID scanner technology can automatically collect data instantly and accurately. Compared to entering applicant information manually, using a scanner saves time and reduces human error.

3. Employee ID Records

Keeping employee ID records is essential to human resource management, and it’s much easier with scanner technology. Having accurate and up-to-date IDs helps your organization stay compliant, verify work authorization, manage payroll, and administer benefits like health insurance and retirement contributions.

Also, employee records that are technologically supported also allow you to locate or communicate with specific individuals during an emergency. You can also verify quickly who is permitted on the property and restrict access to certain areas.

4. User-Friendly Tools

Access to the latest ID scanner technology is not just good for the company doing the background check for employment. A job applicant should also be able to use the platform to submit their information and check the status of their screening.

Intuitive scanner technology helps speed up the verification process, making it more convenient, secure, and user-friendly for current and prospective employees. Many technologies have mobile capabilities, allowing individuals to use their mobile devices to submit information if they don’t have access to a scanner.

5. Organized Information Storage

If you do much hiring, keeping your applicant data organized is essential. To this end, ID scanner technology can declutter the information and centralize its storage. With optimized organization, it’s easier to retrieve the data you want while ensuring security and privacy. Also, ID scanner technology creates a digital record for each applicant that can be backed up, stored, and retrieved from multiple devices.

BIB Uses the Latest ID Scanner Technology

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