Considerations for Adjusting THC Drug Testing Levels

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Marijuana is a complex plant with many chemical components. The ingredient that gives the user a euphoric “high” is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Most drug tests that detect the presence of marijuana are designed to identify THC, among other substances. However, drug test results can vary because they have different cut-off levels for how much THC appears or is permissible during screening.

When deciding what to test for in a background check and drug screen, some factors may inform your decision to alter how sensitive your tests are in detecting THC. Modifying testing levels could change the number of positive results for better or worse. If you’re considering adjusting the testing levels in your marijuana screenings, there are reasons and other factors to consider.

What Are the Marijuana Laws in Your Area?

Testing for marijuana might be a moot point for your company if it’s legal in your state. Local laws can seem confusing, partly because they seem to evolve constantly. Although increasingly more states are legalizing marijuana, remember that it’s still illegal at the federal level. Some areas permit marijuana for medicinal purposes, and others allow for recreational use as well.

Even if marijuana is still prohibited in your state, always check with regulations for requirements on the detection levels in your tests. You might even need to get approval before making adjustments. A background check and drug screen service provider can advise you on the proper modifications and how to stay legally compliant.

What Marijuana By-Products Do You Test For?

In addition to THC, marijuana has other components like cannabidiol (CBD), the second-most prevalent ingredient. CBD also comes from the hemp plant, a variant of marijuana, and it’s legal in some form in all 50 states. However, it would be best if you verified its legality in your locality.

Marijuana also contains delta-8 THC, a psychotropic substance in both marijuana and hemp. Many manufacturers produce delta-8 THC from hemp-based CBD, which can adversely affect those using it. If you are concerned with the safety of your employees or the people you serve, testing for delta-8 THC may be an option.

How Important Is Marijuana Testing for Your Organization?

If you want to test for chemical substances like THC, it’s best to have a solid reason. Does your organization work with children, provide healthcare, or require employees to drive a vehicle or multi-passenger bus? If so, THC testing is essential, and using the proper testing levels will improve your screening process. In contrast, if your company only hires seasonal workers or doesn’t interact much with vulnerable populations, THC testing may not be necessary for maintaining safety or reducing your liability.

BIB Can Help

It’s important to consider your reasons for adjusting THC testing levels to ensure effective screening. Also, any changes you make should have minimal impacts on the people undergoing testing. Making adjustments under the guidance of a screening provider like BIB can ensure that you remain compliant and make the best hiring decisions.

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