Are you Doing a Correct Drug Test and Background Check? 3 Tips For Success

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Conducting an accurate and thorough drug test and background check is crucial for hiring people who preserve your reputation and don’t pose a threat to people and property. However, with complex laws that seem to change daily, it’s challenging to know how to perform these screenings so that you don’t miss critical details about a prospective employee.

To maintain security and quality in your hiring practices, knowing what types of information to include in a drug test and background check is essential. Knowing how to interpret and act on the results is also necessary. We offer three helpful tips to keep your screening processes accurate, thorough, and legally compliant.

The Importance of a Quality Drug Test and Background Check

Hospitals and clinics must protect their patients’ safety and secure their medications. Schools must hire educators, staff, and bus drivers around whom children will feel safe and protected. However, organizations in healthcare or education aren’t the only ones that rely on accurate drug tests and background screenings.

Positive drug test results among U.S. employees have been rising steadily in recent years. According to a Quest Diagnostics report, in post-accident drug tests, rates of positive marijuana and cocaine results were 63.4% and 266.7% higher, respectively, than in pre-employment screenings. Furthermore, the Sentencing Project reports that about one in three Americans has a criminal record.

Quality drug testing and background checks are critical to reducing liability and keeping people safe. Pre-employment drug testing can identify individuals who could be impaired and need help. Also, thorough criminal background checks help you identify workers who will pose no threat to your staff, the public, or your property.

3 Tips for a Successful Drug Test and Background Check

If navigating all the background search steps and accompanying legal issues seems too cumbersome, a screening provider like BIB can provide valuable assistance and support. They can also ensure that your drug test and background check are accurate and legally compliant. Whether you work with a provider or do it yourself, your screening process should include these three steps:

1. Know How Your Provider Obtains Data

A background check must be based on accurate and current information sources. If you work with a provider, ask them where they get their data. A thorough background search includes:

  • Address history trace
  • County court search
  • Criminal record database search
  • Sex offender registry search

Also, find out how they ensure their sources are up to date. At BIB, we use databases to supplement a thorough search, but we don’t stop there. We use current court records to verify all background check results we find.

2. Understand Laws Impacting Background Checks and Drug Testing

It’s crucial to be legally compliant and fair when testing applicants for drugs or checking their backgrounds. Employers should be aware of mandates like fair chance laws, which prohibit mandatory disclosure of information like previous salary or criminal histories on applications.

You should also consult your state’s marijuana laws to know when you can test for marijuana and other substances. These laws also help determine how and when positive results affect hiring decisions.

Understanding state drug testing laws can be confusing, especially if your organization has locations in different states. BIB can help you become familiar with the laws affecting your organization. They’ll also help you remain ethical and compliant through all stages of the hiring process.

3. Understand Your Options After Getting Results

Chances are you will have an applicant who tests positive for a controlled substance or has a blemish on their criminal history. If and when something comes up in a report, follow the adverse action requirements outlined by the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA). The law also requires you to allow the applicant enough time to dispute the results or provide additional information.

At BIB, you have a partner who will ensure you act fairly and professionally. We can inform you of all your options based on individual screening results. We will also offer guidance on hiring decisions or how to carry out adverse actions.

How BIB Can Help With Your Drug Testing and Background Screening

Since 1995, BIB has been helping businesses, non-profits, and schools implement fair hiring practices that protect their personnel, stakeholders, and property. If you’re ready to take the next step with hiring-related drug testing and background screening, call us at (704) 439-3900 or visit today. For more information, take a look at the comprehensive background check services we can offer you.