If Background Check Services Had a Movie Title

, | June 5, 2023 | By

If you enjoy metaphors and imagery to understand something, then you may appreciate the illustrative value of movie titles. When communicating an idea or helping to visualize it, sometimes the easiest way to get your point across is to invoke a favorite movie.

Think of background check services like movie titles to make this task a little more amusing. Here are our favorite cinematic comparisons:

The Record Keeper

This 2014 sci-fi flick exposes you to a story of humankind from an angelic perspective. The key figure is Raina, an angel who works in Heaven, monitoring events unfolding on Earth. During one memorable encounter, Raina says, “There are no secrets,” a chilling reminder of the ability to uncover information if you have the determination and resources to dig it up.


Fans of this franchise created by James Cameron might find the comparison to background checks unusual. However, if you think deeper, there are intriguing parallels.

Jack Sully, the main character, experiences a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Na’vi culture only after transferring his consciousness into an engineered Na’vi alien.

Similarly, during a background screening, you get to know an applicant more thoroughly after a deep dive into databases, work history, or court records. You learn things about them that you don’t initially see on the surface. This enhanced understanding can help you make more informed decisions about hiring and other practices affecting your organization.


This movie captures our futuristic imagination by creating a society in which robots perform various tasks for humans. Detective Del Spooner must examine all the evidence and red flags when a particular robot becomes a crime suspect.

Background checks are also intended to uncover the truth, and conducting them involves looking for clues as to a person’s criminal or work-related history. To determine the trustworthiness of a job applicant or employee, you have to look for evidence of illegal activity, financial misdeeds, or employment instability.

Minority Report

This 2002 classic starring Tom Cruise propels us to the year 2054. A special “precrime” law enforcement agency goes after potential criminals with the help of “pre-cogs” who can see the future. Cruise plays a precrime chief who becomes a fugitive after being accused of a crime he hasn’t yet committed.

The movie may represent a slight departure from background screening because it depicts the pursuit of criminals before—not after—they break the law. However, Minority Report portrays the use of cutting-edge technology to conduct investigations.

In this same vein, the most efficient and accurate background checks rely on integrated technologies, especially those that aid in searching multiple databases and performing other tasks simultaneously.

Comparing background check services to movie titles is a creative way to understand the nuances behind the screening process. At BIB, we appreciate creative ways to explain the concepts and issues related to our services. When partnering with companies, we don’t shy away from unique approaches to solving problems during background checks and streamlining their hiring practices.

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