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Limit Your Liability

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What would you do to prevent dangerous conditions in your organization? There are plenty of dangerous situations that occur every day, which we have little control over. However, background screening volunteers isn’t one of them. Here at BIB share lots of educational content on the importance of protecting vulnerable populations and the best practices in doing. However, a reason to background check that we don't discuss as often is to limit the liability of your organization.

Legally, there is no differentiation between a volunteer and a paid employee in terms of negligent hiring claims. If a volunteer commits a crime directly related to his or her volunteer position, you could be liable, especially if the volunteer had a previous record. 

Millions of dollars have been awarded to plaintiffs that were directly harmed by the actions of a volunteer. Where did the millions come from? The organization that employed the volunteer. Not knowing about an individual’s past improprieties is not an excuse and as deemed by juries in cases across the country, not a defense.
The best preventative for these types of lawsuits? Quality screening.