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Michigan Law to Require Background Checks for Employees Caring for the Elderly

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Michigan has now made it a mandatory law to run a background check on employees, subcontractors, and volunteers who work with senior citizens.

Effective this year, the Older Michiganians Act will mandate each area agency must conduct or a criminal background check and a national and state sex offender registry check for each current and new employee, subcontractor, or volunteer who has in-person client contact, in-home client contact, access to a client's personal property, or access to confidential client information.

In a continuing effort to protect seniors, local Michigan agencies will also be required to update the criminal background checks every three years. Each agency will also be required to maintain documentation of all criminal backgrounds, including a list of all paid and volunteer staff that are subject to mandatory background checks.

Background checks are an important part of safety and protecting vulnerable populations. This amendment to the Older Michiganians Act will help to ensure that Michigan seniors are well taken care of by reliable and trustworthy people, and avoid putting them in the care of someone who could be dangerous.