What a Reliable Volunteer Background Check Should Include

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Background screening is an imperfect science. With over 3,400 counties in the U.S. and over 5,400 courts, it can be challenging to find all the records related to one individual. But there is a better way to screen. These are the essentials of a professional grade screen:

Address History Trace (AHT):
This is a report revealing various names, DOBs and addresses associated with a specific Social Security number. An AHT should go back at least seven years.

Why it’s important:
Because an AHT creates a profile of an individual’s residence history; this profile determines what jurisdictions should be searched.

County Searches:
Based on the profile created from the AHT, each jurisdiction/county identified should be searched.

Why it’s important:
Because county courts are considered the official court of record. Most cases are filed and maintained here, meaning the most complete and accurate information is generally located at the county level.

Criminal Record Database:
A database search of over 450 million criminal records regularly collected from thousands of sources.

Why it’s important:
Because supplementing a county search with databases casts a wider net and helps find more records.

Sex Offender Registry:
A comprehensive, real-time search of registered sex offender registries in all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Why It’s important:
Because searching every available sex offender registry in real-time provides maximum protection from registered sex offenders gaining access to your students.

Can include maiden names, nicknames or aliases.

Why It’s important:
Because everyone doesn’t always use the same name! And not every applicant will provide all AKAs. Having as many possible names to search increases your chances of finding records that may have otherwise been missed.


About Secure Volunteer:
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