Staffing Pro’s Guide to Better Background Screening

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As a staffing firm, you offer a valuable service to your clients by sourcing talented applicants to join their workforce. Because you have been entrusted with such
important work, fully vetting the
se applicants with background screening is a necessity.

However, not every background check is the same. Plus you also face
challenges of compliance, administration, management and speed to hire.

With all these challenges, is better screening worth the effort?

We created an Guide specifically for staffing firms. In our Guide we cover:

  • Why the quality of the screen matters
  • How to streamline operations and reduce administrative burdens
  • Compliance considerations
  • The truth on turnaround times
  • The steps to a reliable screen
  • Beyond the background check

Learn how you can screen better, view our Guide Book: "The Staffing Pros Complete Guide to Better Background Screening Results"