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A Guide to Turn Around Times

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Turnaround times (TAT) are one of the most significant drivers of client satisfaction in respect to background screening. Quicker TATs accelerate speed to hire, allowing employers to onboard critically needed employees sooner. Many background screening firms publish and promote their TATs to get the attention of HR professionals. However, that number may be misleading because not every provider calculates TAT the same way. 

There are also many factors effecting TAT; some of these variables can be strategically minimized; others are simply the same for any background check vendor. Here are some facts about TATs to help you navigate the facts about turnaround times and understand calculations, accessibility and search methodology.

Turnaround times in background screening are important for all HR professionals and recruiters, as it’s important to fill positions with little waste of time or resources. When determining what background check vendor may be the best fit, understanding how TAT is calculated and the factors impacting it allows employers
to make informed decisions. Employers should also seek specific TAT averages from vendors for jurisdictions most often searched to have a good basis for actual wait times. Further, being informed on how a vendor searches those jurisdictions provides additional key information about how to compare TATs between vendors.

TATs is a necessity in any verified, vetted and comprehensive search. Instant search returns are never a reliable source for determining if candidates have criminal records. An employer that is knowledgeable of the reality behind figures like 2.5 days or 48 hours will be able to make the most informed decision when choosing a background check partner as well as have a clear understanding of what their approximate turnaround times will be. Knowledge of these variations can ultimately maximize eefficiencies in their background screening procedures and


There’s a lot to think about when it comes to Turn Around Times, so we created this insightful white paper to help organizations sort through the complexities and ask all the right questions.


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