Top 5 Elements of a Great Applicant Portal

, | September 7, 2023 | By

Many companies provide job applicants with online portals for their background checks. Increasingly more candidates welcome user-friendly portals because they can make the screening aspect of applying for jobs more convenient, efficient, and secure.

There are many benefits to including an applicant portal as a part of your screening process. A high-quality applicant portal typically has the following five elements.

1. Easy Process for Reviewing and Signing Forms

Submitting and signing forms can and should be easy for applicants during a background check. A portal lets you store authorization and disclosure forms in one virtual location, allowing you to retrieve them when needed. This centralized process makes it easy for a person to scroll through the documents without having to shuffle through physical paperwork. Also, the applicant can sign the forms with an electronic signature, which adds security, saves time, and reduces error.

2. Self-Pay Options for Applicants

Each court record search and screening activity costs money. To reduce your expenses, you can set up a self-pay function on the portal. There are also benefits to applicants, including allowing them to choose their payment method. Candidates who worry about the impact of a background check on their credit scores may also be more willing to pay for their own records search.

Self-pay options make the experience more convenient for candidates and employers. They also eliminate the need for a third party to process payments, adding a layer of security.

3. Status Updates and Notices

An applicant portal adds transparency to the process because it allows the account holder to log in and check the status of their background check. They can set up notifications and reminders and get a progress update anytime. The applicant can also get an estimated turnaround time, receive notices of unexpected delays, and get requests for clarification or additional documentation.

4. Mobile-Friendly Functionality

You can do practically anything on a smartphone or tablet these days. Fortunately, responsive design allows job applicants to use a centralized portal to submit information and complete requirements for background checks from any device. Being able to check for updates, receive reminders, submit information, or view a final report should be accessible no matter which device an applicant uses.

5. Links to Screening Policies and FAQs

The best applicant portals allow users to access a company’s background check requirements and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Making this and other information available enhances transparency. With this automated access, applicants don’t have to wait for a business’s operating hours to ask questions or get clarification on screening policies. Also, the ideal portal will have easy-to-find contact information for customer support.

BIB Can Help

At BIB, we believe that a background check can be a user-friendly, secure, and convenient experience for prospective employees and volunteers. BIB’s “My Background Check” portal makes it easy for applicants to start and complete their screening application quickly and securely. Our team of software experts can adapt our integrated technologies to deliver an applicant portal that meets your organizational needs.

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