Why 7 Out of 10 Companies Don’t Like Their Background Screening Provider

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At BIB, we understand what customers and potential clients expect from a background screening provider. Unfortunately, when we speak to companies about their existing background check services, many of them aren’t happy. Of all the companies we talk to, 7 out of 10 tell us they’re not getting what they need or expect.

In this post, you’ll learn why companies aren’t happy with their background screening provider. You’ll also know what separates BIB from the competition.

Top Reasons for Dissatisfaction with Screening Providers

Screening candidates has become a common practice. The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and HR.com report that 95% of employers conduct background checks. Unfortunately, when companies hire service providers to do their screening, they’re often not getting what they paid for. Here’s why:

Poor Customer Service

Customer service should include prompt attention to your problems and concerns, an understanding of your needs, and a problem-solving attitude. However, according to what we’ve heard from several companies, most service providers fall short of these expectations.

A common complaint about customer service is not feeling valued or important to the provider. Many companies get treated like a “smaller account,” meaning they can’t connect with an actual person or get proper attention.

The BIB Difference: At BIB, we understand that communication is critical to delivering exemplary service. We provide phone and online support for our clients and applicants undergoing screening. When you contact our customer support, you’ll talk directly to someone on our leadership team who can take immediate action to address your issue. When you contact us, you’ll always be a priority.

Inflexible Technology

Given the constant changes in technology, your background screening provider needs to keep up and incorporate the latest innovations. Your screening service should also know how to gather and deliver results rapidly. Unfortunately, we hear from many companies that their providers’ technologies:

  • Often fail to capture completely the data that candidates provide
  • Do not reflect the technical expertise and innovation the companies need to streamline their screening processes
  • Are not compatible or don’t integrate at all with the companies’ applicant tracking systems (ATS)

The BIB Difference: When you access BIB’s portal, you’ll see a dynamic dashboard customized for your organization. Candidates also have a portal they can log into to get status updates and submit information. Also, we’ve begun incorporating new ID Verification Software, which reduces errors and delays. It can also improve how your company captures and presents information from criminal records and other databases.

Long Turnaround Times

Some court records delays, inaccuracies in applicant information, and other snags are inevitable. However, it can be frustrating to delay a hiring decision because you’re waiting to hear back from a background check.

Many turnaround times (TATs) get extended because of jurisdiction-related issues, which many screening providers fail to mention. There are about 3,144 counties in the U.S., and any county can have several courthouses. While some courthouses have electronic systems that allow them to transmit data quickly. Others still use outdated means to send results of criminal record searches, which can slow down TATs significantly.

A background screening provider must deal with TATs and other issues that slow things down. Those that don’t have the expertise, technology, or processes to anticipate these delays end up making you and your wait longer for the results.

The BIB Difference. With an average turnaround time of 48 hours and a 99.9% accuracy rate, we at BIB are committed to avoiding or reducing delays whenever possible. If there is a snag that will increase wait time, we will always let you know upfront. Also, we have the technology to address potential delays, often dealing with them proactively.

Lack of Cost Transparency

No one likes surprises when it comes to pricing. In our discussions with customers, many have told us of promises they’ve received about services and prices, only to find out later about unclear terms or additional fees they didn’t know about or understand upfront.

The BIB Difference: We want to set you up with an affordable pricing package that fits your organization’s needs. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach to contracts, we can customize a package that includes screening services to help you improve your hiring process.

It’s important to us that you fully understand the services and costs before you sign up. We don’t believe in discussing gray areas or burying things like state and county court fees in “fine print.”

Customers Love Working With BIB

Our customer reviews repeatedly show that we at BIB will work hard to surpass your expectations. Our mission is to offer flexibility and the latest technology to help you find the best people and maintain the highest security standards. Check out our website or call us at (704) 439-3900. To learn more about getting better screening results, download our free ebook.