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The Truth About Who or What is Really Performing Your Searches

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Wondering who or what may actually be performing your searches? It's a serious question that you should be asking. If your search parameters are exclusively database with no verification at the court of the record there could be little or no human labor involved. That means that no one is actually performing any due diligence on whether or not the records found belong to your applicant.

Beyond just database searches, human labor is necessary, especially if your vendor "scores" or makes decisions on if an applicant passes the screen. But who is actually performing the work? Are they qualified? Are they even in the U.S.?

Not only have the larger firms outsourced customer service to Asia, criminal research is also being performed here. This secret is something you have the right to know, as this sensitive data and information about your applicants is now in the hands of those that may not be bound to the same quality control and regulations as U.S. researchers.

At BIB, we have a team of skilled researchers who all have criminal justice backgrounds. They undergo thorough training and certification to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. We have performed over 16 million screens supporting non-profits and schools and have an accuracy rate of 99.994%.