The Truth About Who (or What) Is Really Performing Your Background Searches

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In the age of technology and artificial intelligence, it's essential to discern between traditional background screening and advanced, technology-driven checks. The balance between human expertise and state-of-the-art technology can greatly influence the accuracy and reliability of the background search.


how modern background screening companies operate

At the heart of any screening company lies its services:

  • Address history trace
  • Criminal record database search
  • County court record search
  • Sex offender registry search

While these remain constant, the methodology can differ vastly. Some companies might lean towards a database-dependent process without comprehensive verification. This method is prone to missing records and delivering less-than-stellar results. In most cases, databases, like a "National Criminal Database" should be used to find potential data and then the information is verified at the source with real-time searches. This will lead to better background screens. Further, many traditional screening companies process the data primarily manually with employees who review records for identity matching and reportability.


In contrast, forward-thinking screening companies, like BIB, invest heavily in proprietary technology and AI. Such a blend not only ensures efficiency but dramatically reduces the possibility of human errors, ensuring improved results. Companies that don't possess this strong technological foundation tend to make more mistakes, and their processes are slower, resulting in longer waiting times and potential inaccuracies.


questions to ask about who or what is performing your background searches

To ensure you're partnering with a screening company that's not just on par but ahead of industry standards, here are some critical questions:

  1. How are you utilizing technology in processing background checks, matching records, and reducing human error? This will give you insight into how they balance human expertise with technological advancements. Companies that rely on non-proprietary technology have processes similar to countless others. Push for details on their technological framework. A robust proprietary technology backbone, like the one at BIB, provides unparalleled accuracy and speed in comparison. At BIB, we utilize cutting-edge technology alongside our team's expertise for swifter, more precise results.
  2. How do you ensure accuracy and quality? Recognize their commitment to quality assurance. At BIB, our technologically enhanced processes have driven improved accuracy rates. Couple that with internal quality check rescreening, salted searches and remediation training, and the end result is high-quality screens.
  3. What qualifications does your research team have? When the employees are needed for searches their expertise is crucial. Our researchers at BIB undergo intensive training programs and are complemented by our proprietary AI tools to guarantee meticulousness in every search.

In conclusion, as the background check industry evolves, ensure you're aligned with a partner that's not just keeping pace but setting the benchmark. Technology, when used right, can be a game-changer, offering both speed and precision. Dive deeper into the subject on our blog for comprehensive insights.