4 Mistakes That Can Happen From a “Fast” Background Check

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Some hiring decisions are time-sensitive, and delays in court record searches can be frustrating. However, being tempted by a provider that promises a speedy background check could set you up for mistakes in your employee screening results.

A flawed screening process could lead to hiring someone who increases your liability or compromises your organization's safety. Another unintended effect is turning down a qualified applicant because of a false entry on their criminal or employment record.

While it’s important to conduct a background check that doesn’t take longer than necessary, you don’t have to sacrifice accuracy, comprehensiveness, and reliability for speed. Prioritizing a “fast” screening investigation can hinder your hiring process and result in the following four mistakes.

1. Incomplete Information

A rushed background check could result in missed criminal or past employment information. A person under time pressure or with insufficient resources may overlook a relevant database or conduct a limited search, leading to a screening process that’s far from comprehensive. As a result, hiring someone without knowing about an arrest or conviction in their past is possible.

2. Results From Another Person With a Similar Name

Some job applicants have common names, and it’s easy to mistake someone for another person based on a first or last name. Database searches that aren’t thorough and comprehensive enough can make it difficult to verify someone’s identity.

For example, failing to properly verify county court records for Mary L. Smith could result in an arrest, conviction, or other adverse finding attributed to Mary M. Smith instead. No qualified person should be denied a job offer because of mistaken identity.

3. Inaccurate or Misleading Information

Background checks that rely too much on automation aren’t always reliable. Sometimes, a rushed job can lead a reviewer to misinterpret some data. Failing to back up an automated record search with manual verification can diminish the accuracy of the results.

4. Discrimination

For most qualified and deserving candidates, putting themselves in the job market is tough enough. An inaccurate or misleading employee background report could leave out a candidate’s education or work background that would otherwise deem them well-suited for a position.

Also, a report that erroneously ties a conviction or criminal record to a person can disqualify them from specific opportunities. Such mistakes can lead to a negative and unfair bias against a candidate, interfering with their pursuit of employment.

Thorough and Accurate Background Checks With BIB

Hasty background checks could put companies at risk or make them miss out on qualified people. They also can negatively affect job applicants who already go through highly competitive job searches. BIB helps you prevent those repercussions.

At BIB, avoiding unnecessary delays in background searches is essential to us and the companies we work with. However, we never make promises of “fast” record checks at the expense of accuracy and reliability. Call us at (704) 439-3900 or visit us at BIB.com to learn how we can help you improve your hiring process.