5 Steps to Easy Background Checks

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The ideal background check for employment is simple enough for you, your clients, and job candidates to navigate. At the same time, the process goes above and beyond the bare minimum by providing an overall picture of the people you are checking. A quality screening service should also have the experience and a proven record of quick turnarounds so that you can make timely hiring decisions.

Doing a background check on your own might appear to save you money. However, taking on such a task yourself has other costs, such as needing more legal knowledge, using the wrong forms, or missing essential information about a job candidate.

At BIB, we combine innovative technology with proven methods to make job candidate searches easy. Relying on an experienced screening provider takes the guesswork out of which forms to use, what information to retrieve, or whether you comply with the law. For worry-free background checks, keep the following steps in mind.

1. Set Accurate Criteria

You want a process that is easy rather than difficult. But it’s important not to confuse “easy” with “cheap” or “fast.” A screening system that cuts corners or rushes the process will likely yield costly mistakes or leave perilous information gaps. In contrast, a reliable and efficient screening service doesn’t sacrifice technology and accuracy for speed or price.

“Easy” and “comprehensive” aren’t mutually exclusive, and a quality screening service offers both. In addition to delivering basic criminal background information, an efficient process should check those results with state or county court records. A thorough screen also cross-checks names on IDs with maiden names and aliases.

Although it can be frustrating to wait for information about a potential hire, the highest levels of accuracy might take a little longer. Avoid background check companies that promise too-good-to-be-true turnaround times or pressure you into a sale without fully explaining the screening process, especially those that take a while.

2. Look for More Than Just a Criminal Background

A basic criminal background check usually isn’t enough to get a comprehensive profileof an individual, especially if they go by several names. You should look into other types of history, like educational background and past employers. It’s also recommended to request professional and character references.

To verify or supplement a criminal report, you might not know what additional information to request or what databases to use for verification. Background check companies can help you identify additional information for hiring decisions.

3. Employ Transparent Screening Policies

Job applicants have the right to know what background checks you process and what’s included and excluded during screening. When disclosing the steps, you take in a background check, include how long it might take, how you’ll use the results, and what might lead to an adverse action.

Being fully informed about the background check process can help potential employees provide you with the necessary information. Transparency about all aspects of employment screening builds trust and conveys goodwill toward job candidates.

4. Understand Laws Regarding Hiring

Background checks require knowledge of specific employment laws. Hiring a screening service can help you adhere to state and federal hiring regulations.

Even if you don’t do the screening yourself, having a working knowledge of the law and the legal issues can help you know which questions to ask during interviews or what aspects of a criminal history or off-limits during screening.

5. Use the Correct Forms

Knowing which forms to use can make the screening process go smoothly. You should also be familiar with the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA); not following them could make you subject to substantial fines.

Your background check provider will let you know which disclosure and compliance authorization forms you must provide applicants before you begin the screening process. If you go through the steps without assistance, you could open yourself up to litigation. For example, one company was a defendant in a class-action lawsuit after violating FCRA disclosure regulations when processing a candidate’s adverse action.

Partnering With BIB for Easy Background Checks

To make the background check process easy and comprehensive, go with a provider that has the knowledge and experience to protect your interests and help you stay legally compliant. At BIB, we offer a range of services for screening potential employees. Since 1995, we have established a strong track record of integrity and peace of mind.

Talk to someone on our team to learn more about what BIB can offer in background check services. You can visit www.bib.com or call (704) 439-3900 for more information. You can also download our guide to better background screening.