Scaling Your Growth Strategy

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As your company or organization grows, you want to see it thrive as you continually improve your services, attracting a larger audience and broadening your reach. Achieving your goals and maintaining your mission can be challenging, though, if you don't plan well for growth.

There is such a thing as getting too big too quickly. To be ready for the challenges that growth brings as your reach broadens, you must adapt your managerial and procedural operations. You’ll also want to consider how enlisting the best employees and volunteers can influence strategic planning, outsourcing, and tracking progress and growth.

Develop a Strategic Plan

Developing a comprehensive strategic plan is essential to growth planning. A strategic plan allows you to pinpoint your company's or organization's identity, mission, major objectives, communities to serve, and growth opportunities. The strategic plan is also essential for identifying the money and other resources you need to meet your goals, including recruiting the most qualified personnel.

A key component of strategic planning is identifying the types of people you want to hire or recruit as volunteers. These people are essential in projecting the right organizational image to the public and maintaining the overall mission. Enlisting the help of the best background check service can help you improve your hiring strategy and find the people who can help your company or organization achieve its objectives.

Identify Tasks to Outsource

To run a successful company, you must comply with state and federal regulations, becoming aware of and following certain laws when interacting with members of the public, especially if they are children, older adults, patients, or those with special needs. However, staying compliant can drain you of the time and resources you need to funnel to other activities. Therefore, it pays to find service providers who can take those tasks off your hands and help you anticipate and avoid legal issues.

Staying compliant also applies to hiring employees and recruiting volunteers, processes that require reliable and legally compliant background checks. Doing criminal record searches can take time and effort that you might be unable to spare. Therefore, hiring a background check provider can reduce that burden, find qualified people, and protect people and property. A service provider can also ensure you’re following the law anytime you run a background check and act on the results of a background report.

Develop Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are types of data that your company or organization collect to measure progress and demonstrate how well you’re achieving the objectives in your strategic plan. KPIs help identify areas where you need to adjust your goals or procedures.

Even if your primary objective isn’t to make money, you’ll still need KPIs to track progress, make crucial decisions, and anticipate changes that affect your operations and growth. The KPIs you use will depend on your type of organization, whether it’s a hospital, school, recreation facility, or another type of non-profit. Regardless of your mission and objectives, your organization should track employee and volunteer retention as well as other KPIs of growth, such as:

  • Attendance at programs and activities
  • Beneficiaries served
  • Client or patient satisfaction scores
  • Donors and donation or gift amounts
  • Donor retention rates
  • Employee and volunteer retention rates
  • Fundraising returns on investment (ROIs)
  • Operating surplus and deficit
  • Website page views and other relevant metrics

BIB Can Help You Plan for Growth

Hiring an experienced background check provider can help you find employees and volunteers who will help you meet your strategic goals and sustain long-term growth. BIB can help you find the best people, which reduces your liability risk, enables you to scale for change, and allows you to stay true to your organizational mission.

At BIB, we offer flexibility, access to people at the highest levels, and continuous innovation to help you maintain the highest hiring standards. Visit us at our website or call us at (704) 439-3900 to learn how we can help you plan for the future.