Top 5 Background Screening Companies

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Choosing a background screening company is an important decision that impacts your organization's efficiency, legal compliance, and bottom line. You want to work with a screening company that meets your expectations for speed, accuracy, and affordability. But with so many providers out there, it can be a challenge to determine which one is best for your organization. To aid your search, we'll share some of the best background screening companies today.

There are minimum standards of reliability that all background screening companies should meet. Beyond that, you’ll need to take a closer look to determine which one is the best fit for your organization's current and future needs.

Three key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a background screening company include:

  • The quality and comprehensiveness of services
  • The provider's experience in your industry
  • The technology the provider offers to streamline the entire screening process

The work you put into selecting a reputable, experienced provider will pay dividends for your organization in the short and long run. When you choose the right background check company to fit your needs, you can reap the many benefits of background screening services—including better-informed hiring decisions and the protection of your organization, employees, and customers.

Here are five companies to know about and the background screening services they offer:


1. HireRight

HireRight is an international background screening company that has been in business for decades. Its global scope and numerous API integrations make it a good choice for large organizations.


2. Checkr

Checkr is a popular choice for organizations with a high hiring volume, such as rideshare companies and food delivery services. The service is focused on employment screening, so organizations needing volunteer screening services may be better off going with a different provider.


3. BIB

BIB is a long-standing background service provider that leverages technology and its years of experience to offer affordable and reliable screening for employees and volunteers. BIB's comprehensive background screening services are regularly relied upon by employers of all sizes across all industries. BIB also has deep volunteer screening expertise. The company has conducted over 16 million volunteer background screens for non-profits and schools.

Through its strategic approach and quality assurance processes, BIB regularly identifies criminal background records that would have been missed through a database search or a more limited service. Additionally, hiring organizations and candidates stay in the loop via BIB’s comprehensive reporting dashboard and self-service portal.


4. First Advantage

First Advantage offers background screening services across a wide range of industries and types of screenings, including rental property screenings and franchise screenings. The company’s platform is mobile-friendly, allowing clients to manage background checks on the go.


5. GoodHire

GoodHire is a newer background screening company that has quickly become a top choice for employers. The company offers various screening services, including criminal history checks, employment verification, and driving records. GoodHire also has a user-friendly platform that allows employers to request and manage background checks easily.


select the background screening company that fits your organization

When you want to ensure you’re making well-informed hiring decisions and bringing in the employees and volunteers that support your culture and goals, a background screening company is an excellent partner to help you get there. By selecting a company that offers accurate and reliable screening services, user-friendly platforms, and compliance with all the laws applicable to your organization, you can run a more efficient and worry-free hiring process.